All of the staff at

the Region I Science

and Engineering Fair are
here to make sure teachers and students alike have a great time during the fair season. 


We are proud to be supported by the Univerisity of Southern Mississippi College of Science and Technology, USM Foundation, and Howard Industries.


Be sure to visit the Mississippi Science and Engineering Fair website to learn about all the other regional fairs!


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Dr. Sherry S. Herron

Co-Director, Region I

Director, Center for Science and Mathematics Education


Dr. Kendrick D. Buford

Co-Director, Region I

News and Updates

1/7/2019: Machform has been temporarily reinstated for science fair registration. Stay tuned for the integration of new registration and judging platform


1/30/2019: The date for Lower Fair was incorrectly listed. It is on April 15 (previously 12th). Adjustments have been made throughout the website.


2/6/2019: Parking Passes have been uploaded online


3/6/2019: Machform is now out of operation. The new student registration platform can be found here: https://sciencefair1.usm.edu


Use this document if you need help deleting your browser cookies as it could cause you to reach an error.


Here is the flyer for State Fair. Check your email over the next week for any additional information. 

3/29/2019: Lower Fair Agenda is now live on the website. You can also find a copy here



Sponsored By:



Howard Industries

USM Foundation

Fair Days @ USM


Upper: TBD

Lower: TBD


118 College Dr.

Box 5087

Hattiesburg, MS 39406

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