Want us to help you Judge?

We are a happy to assist in judging the science fairs in any of the counties that Region I MSEF serves. However, the following criteria must be met before we will be able to offer any assistance.


1. The host school must provide a minimum of 2-3 judges.


2. The host school must provide one month's notice when asking for judges. (Of course we may need more time depending on distance and the number of judges needed.)


3. We will not provide any unqualified judges to assist with your science fair. If you request a particular student classification, i.e. graduate students only, please provide a suitable reason for the request. 


4. The host school must provide snacks and breakfast or lunch.


5. The host school must provide a certificate or letter of appreciation on stationary to those who serve.




Feel free to contact us at 601-266-6845 or region1msef@gmail.com to request judges for science fair!!!


Sponsored By:



Howard Industries

USM Foundation

Fair Days @ USM


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Lower: TBD


118 College Dr.

Box 5087

Hattiesburg, MS 39406

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