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Important Dates

School Registration Form Due -TBD 

Student Registration Forms, Upper Fair, Due - TBD

Student Registration Forms, Lower Fair, Due - TBD


Forms Wizard

This Rules Wizard was created by ISEF to help students/teachers/parents which forms the student needs to fill out for their projects.

--- Use this to determine which, if any special forms you need to turn in.


Project Violations

In addition to learning and fun, we want all students to have a safe experience at The Fair. All projects will go through a Safety and Display check before the fair and students will be allowed to fix any issues that arise. To ensure students do not have any issues on Fair Day please review the complete list of project violations. 




Region I Science and Engineering Fair Teacher Workshop


The Teacher's Workshop for the 2019-2020 SEF will be held on September 13th, 2019 Anyone who 
wants to learn more about the upcoming SEF season is welcome to attend.
The workshop is FREE to attend, AND we ask you to register as early as possible so we can reserve appropriately sized rooms. REGISTRATION IS NOT REQUIRED, BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

We will be offering 0.5 CEUs through NEMCC and the cost for that is $10. 

Sponsored By:



Howard Industries

USM Foundation

Fair Days @ USM


Upper: TBD

Lower: TBD


118 College Dr.

Box 5087

Hattiesburg, MS 39406

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