2016 Upper Fair Place Awards


Students who place 1st - 3rd in Class 3-5 may attend The State Science and Engineering Fair. 
This means unfortunately 6th Graders (Class 2) may NOT compete at the state competition.


ISEF Region 1 Finalists


Hannah Lee - Oak Grove High School

Jason Guo - Oak Grove High School

ISEF Region 1 Alternates


Allen Haung - Oak Grove High School

Maggie Ford - Wayne County High School

Broadcom Master's MS Region 1 Finalists


Tulio Sulbaran- Oak Grove Middle School

Luke Weathersby- Benedict Day School

Chase Singleton - Simpson Central Elementary

Lauren Lamke- Waynesboro Middle School

Jack Whittington- Benedict Day School

Regan Daniell- Benedict Day School

Anna Kate Sharpe - Benedict Day School

Carson Oliver- Benedict Day School

Britney Diaz-Roman - Oak Grove Middle School


11th-12th Grade: Zoology 1st-6th Place


Carlee Blakeney-Oak Grove High School

Samantha Wertenberger-Mendenhall High School

Dakerria Gaylor-Natchez High School

11th-12th Grade: Physics 1st-6th Place


Scott McMurrion-Oak Grove High School

Kross Carmichael-Laurel High School

Hunter Tew-Mendenhall High School

Perroniaqua Champ-

Tatiana Mask-Union Baptist Academy 

Christian Tarver-Natchez Early College Academy

11th-12th Grade: Microbiology 1st-6th Place


Hannah Lee-Oak Grove High School

Kinsey Dahlin & Logan Holmes -Enterprise Attendance Center

Michelle Owens-Petal High School

Micah Macoy-Mendenhall High School

Jhanasisa Dent-Natchez Early College Academy

11th-12th Grade: Medicine and Health 1st-6th Place


Jason Guo-Oak Grove High School

Madison Lambert-Mendenhall High School

Chrystal Wilson-Hattiesburg High School

Mary Guidry-Union Baptist Academy 

Fairley-Prentiss High School

11th-12th Grade: Engineering, Computers and Math 1st-6th Place


Keelyn Brown & Kalen Brown -Laurel High School

Maggie Ford-Wayne County High School

Lanee Dickerson-Mendenhall High School

Jakai Epps, Javin Arrington & Kearra Keyes -Laurel High School

Brian Troslair-Union Baptist Academy 

Travion Evans & Keoshae Knight-Laurel High School

11th-12th Grade: Earth, Space and Environmental 1st-6th Place


Joshua Cooley, Marguarite Gavin & Tiara Grady-Laurel High School

Devin Williams-Laurel High School

Chasity Williams-Hattiesburg High School

11th-12th Grade: Chemistry 1st-6th Place


Jacob Barlow & Braxton Brown -Hattiesburg High School

Lachan Terrell-Hattiesburg High School

Karina Mendez -Laurel High School

Hayden Wigington & Haunstein-Laurel High School

Zayana Richardson-Hattiesburg High School

Jaijeria Martin-Laurel High School

11th-12th Grade: Botany 1st Place


Sophia Ali-

11th-12th Grade: Biochemistry 1st-6th Place


Allen Haung -Oak Grove High School

Camesha Johnson-Laurel High School

Martina McLaurin-Laurel High School

Danisha Edwards-

Alexander Lee Pitrle-Prentiss High School

11th-12th Grade: Behavioral and Social Science 1st-6th Place


Tierra Cooper, Briana Jones & Kahdejah Moody-Laurel High School​

Rebecca Pender & Somer Champlin-Natchez High School

9th-10th Grade: Zoology 1st-6th Place


Charlie Hillman-Mendenhall High School

Matt Dawson Layton-Mendenhall High School

Gracie Gipson-Union Baptist Academy 

Emmeria Jefferson-Robert Lewis Magnet School

9th-10th Grade: Physics 1st-6th Place


Breanna Jackson-Natchez Early Academy

Zykeria Johnson, Breunna McCann & Courtney Thigpen-Laurel High School

Tiya Williams-Robert Lewis Magnet School

Matthew Burkett-Prentiss High School

9th-10th Grade: Medicine and Health 1st-6th Place


Abigail Weir-Oak Grove High School

Kira Margetta-Union Baptist Academy Students

Tanner Necaise-Union Baptist Academy 

Erin Mitchell-Union Baptist Academy 

JaMira Smith-Natchez Early College Academy

Khadeeja Mulloy-Prentiss High School

9th-10th Grade: Engineering Computers and Math 1st-6th Place


Noah Madison, Kimberton Mai & Bryce Ward -Laurel High School

Evan Ladneer-

Branyn Landner-Union Baptist Academy 

Roxanne McDonald, Jamarcus White & Andrea Boykin-Laurel High School

Edward Bailey, Rayshawn Johnson & Corinta Sanson

Shantorre Robinson-Laurel High School

9th-10th Grade: Earth, Space, & Environmental Science 1st-6th Place


Tanner Miley-Poplarville High School

Terris Smith-Natchez Early College Academy

T'Keya Black-Prentiss High School

9th-10th Grade:  Chemistry, 1st-6th Place


Jasmine Bender & Shaquavia Straughn-Laurel High School

Titus Macoy-Mendenhall High School

Alexandria Sela, Doris Velasquez & Michelle Gomez-

Carlee McNealy-Laurel High School

Zikeyrra Haynes, Amir Breland & Skylar McCann-Laurel High School

Nijah Clark-Seminary High School

9th-10th Grade: Botany, 1st-6th Place 


Billie Watkins-Prentiss High School

Aaron Lane-Union Baptist Academy 

Keyanna Arie Holliday-Mendenhall High School

Cyndi Wynn-Prentiss High School

DiLamien Ball-Prentiss High School

9th-10th Grade: Biochemistry, 1st-6th Place


Kate Weathersby-Benedict Day School

Kyla Nobels-

9th-10th Grade: Behavioral & Social Sciences, 1st-6th Place


Grayson Gretzinger-Oak Grove High School

Liteirance Price & Aaliuah Raine McPhail-Prentiss High School

Kayla Vance-Mendenhall High School

Jordan Fuller-Mendenhall High School

Shekinah Douglas-Natchez Early College Academy

John Huye-Union Baptist Academy 

7th-8th Grade: Zoology, 1st-6th Place


Angel Loveless-Union Baptist Academy 

Casey Buisson-N.R. Burger Middle School

Haley Coleman-Simpson Central School

7th-8th Grade: Physics, 1st-6th Place


Andrew Gaudet-N.R. Burger Middle School

Kevin Miao-Oak Grove Middle School

Trey Malpin-Magee Middle School

Courtney Sebastian-

Daniel Adamczyk-Oak Grove Middle School

Erika Gardner-Clara Elementary

7th-8th Grade: Microbiology, 1st-6th Place


Luke Weathersby-Benedict Day School

Anna Kate Sharpe-Benedict Day School

Ruth Simms-N.R. Burger Middle School

Zariah Harvey-N.R. Burger Middle School

Aleah Harper-Seminary Middle School

7th-8th Grade: Medicine & Health, 1st-6th Place


Tulio Sulbaran-Oak Grove Middle School

Reagan Danielle-Benedict Day School

Anna Tindell-Simpson Central School

Madison Baskin-Robert Lewis Magnet School

Breanna Webb-Seminary Middle School

Abby Litton-Benedict Day School


7th-8th Grade: Engineering, Computers, & Math, 1st-6th Place


Luke Brust-Home School

Matthew Lane-Union Baptist Academy 

Braden Mars-Benedict Day School

Hayden Hall-Seminary Middle School

Michelle Boland-Picayune Junior High

Joshua Trask-Robert Lewis Magnet School

7th-8th Grade: Earth, Space, & Environmental Sciences, 1st-6th Place

Austin Adams-Seminary Middle School

Kadence Dedeaux-Union Baptist Academy 

Krysta Carter-Simpson Central

Kiiya Johnson-Booth-

Tylee Shows-Seminary Middle School

Demarcus Jackson-Robert Lewis Magnet School

7th-8th Grade: Chemistry, 1st-6th Place

Rachel Turner-Runnelstown Elementary

Jack Whittington-Benedict Day School

Lola Phillips-Benedict Day School

Sarah Crosby McKay-Benedict Day School

Katelyn Steverson-Runnelstown Elementary

Corrin Dixon-Mendenhall Junior High

Gracye Tower-Runnelstown Elementary

7th-8th Grade: Botany, 1st-6th Place


Britney Diaz-Roman-Oak Grove Middle School

Will Brett-Benedict Day School

Warren Campagna-St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School

Darren Smith-Morgantown Arts Academy

Abbie Menjivar-Seminary Middle School

Keyara Durr-Magee Middle School

7th-8th Grade: Biochemistry, 1st-6th Place

Terranishala Hannon-Morgantown Arts Academy

Kendyl Terrell-N.R. Burger Middle School

Jamiyah Nelson-N.R. Burger Middle School

Eric Jackson-Morgantown Arts Academy

Cornelia Johnson-Morgantown Arts Academy

Devon Winchester-

7th-8th Grade: Behavioral and Social Sciences, 1st-6th Place


Carson Oliver-Benedict Day School

Chase Singleton-Simpson Central Elementary

Lauren Lamke-Waynesboro Middle School

Chelsea Smith-Union Baptist Academy

Sydnee Durham-Benedict Day School

Jordan Williams-N.R. Burger Middle School

6th Grade: 1st-6th Place

Landon Coleman-Seminary Middle School

Tina Sulbaran- Oak Grove Middle School

Rylee Pippen-Seminary Middle School

Riley Revette-Seminary Middle School

Hannah Moore-Seminary Middle School

Isabella Davis-Seminary Middle School

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Howard Industries

USM Foundation

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