American Psychological Association Award


Brandon Mars

ASM Materials Education Foundation Award


Brittany Madden

ASU Sustainability Challenge 


Emily SIlver

2015 Upper Fair Special Awards & Scholarship Winners 


The following photos will be available for purchase at our online store. Proceeds will go towards
photographer's fees, the rest will be considered a donation to Region 1 MSEF to help cover ISEF
Travel Expenses.  



Haley Newby and Wesley Thompson

Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award


Maggie Ford

Association of Women Geoscienitsts Award


Sophia Ali

Richo Environmental Sustainability Award


Haley Newby and Wesley Thompson

NOAA's Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award


Haley Newby and Wesley THompson

Mu Alpha Theta Award


Evan Ladner

U.S. Department of Public Health:
Surgeon General's Award


Tyler Wilson

Stockholm Junior Water Prize Award

Emily Silver

Society for In Vitro Biology Award


Jason Guo

U.S. Air Force Awards


Tyler Wilson and Bishal Upadhyay

U.S. Metric Association Award


Allen Huang

Women in Science and Engineering:
WISEst Award

Maggie Ford

Yale Science and Engineering Award


Hannah Lee

Bellipani and President's Scholarship Recipients 


Haley Newby and Wesley Thompson

Sponsored By:



Howard Industries

USM Foundation

Fair Days @ USM


Upper: TBD

Lower: TBD


118 College Dr.

Box 5087

Hattiesburg, MS 39406

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